Author Topic: MM Ring - Modifying a selections center of rotation  (Read 5325 times)


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MM Ring - Modifying a selections center of rotation
« on: October 27, 2012, 05:48:01 PM »

maybe this is another interesting workflow.

This time I tried to transfer the "second object" idea to manipulate the center of rotation to the Select/Deformations/TransformFaces tool.

If there are two regions of selection TransformFaces' center snaps to the middle between.

In the shown workflow I used this fact to create a ring. This uses the second region of selection to speed up construction. But there may be cases where you do not wish to keep the second result. As long as you make sure that this second selection will create a not connected surface it is pretty easy to discard (Remember Extract with zero offset).

@RMS some thoughts (not knowing the difficulties to implement):
- Would be nice to have a "do the last action again" command (Not only in this case of rotating selection 5°). Maybe a shortcut based on the Undo history?
- The result of the shown example Transform workflow (when you reached the start of the opposite) should end in duplicated vertices and faces (regardless to their normals). Maybe it is possible to join duplicated vertices and discard duplicated faces? Such a way of joining two objects should be able to keep a the clean triangulation in those (admit: rare) cases without remeshing.
- Maybe it is possible to allow to go to Select with two objects  ("HelperObject" +either to be modified object) being active? This should allow TransformFaces to snap to the center of the first selected object the same way as you did with TransformObject.

I'm just a user as you are. Being no Autodesk employee: I do not know where this road will lead to, nor do I claim to've all stuff got right.


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Re: MM Ring - Modifying a selections center of rotation
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2012, 12:30:29 AM »
hrm...weird that boolean intersection works sometimes. This is kind of one of those pathological cases for mesh booleans though...if those flat surfaces are co-planar, it is not actually well-defined what should happen...

Anyway, another way to join the parts would be to hide and manually erase the endcaps (they should have their own groups so easily selectable). Then you could probably use Weld Boundaries to connect the loops, or Join if they aren't welding right (will remesh but be more likely to work than Boolean).
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