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problem painting on my texture
« on: January 13, 2018, 10:01:40 PM »
hello all,

my first time on the forum, and I'm also not very familiar with 3D software..
i basically got a 3D scanner (structure sensor) as a present last year and i'm trying to scan and 3D print my kids.
i have a good scan that i took and processed with Itseez3D.  i was able to upload it last year to imaterialise and had it printed in multicolor sandstone.  the print is pretty cool, but the there were a number of defaults on the model, it wasn't hollow, and the colours were pretty bad.  that is, the whole thing was way too dark and drab as well as having some mistakes.
so i've been trying off and on over the last few weeks to clean everything up to re-print (for me and grandma).
i've done a pretty good job fixing the model itself
i also ramped-up the brightness and contrast of the jpg texture
now, the only thing i think i need to do is do some corrections on the texture.  i've tried using the paint functions with the brushes and have watched many tutorials, i do exactly like the tutorials but nothing happens.  that is, no color gets added

i must be doing something wrong but what?
the initial file is an .obj file (and the original texture is on my model as i work on it)

thx for the help!


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Re: problem painting on my texture
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2018, 04:03:44 PM »
Unfortunately MM doesn't support texture painting.

Painting in MM is per vertex color which is different (each vertex owns a certain color information).
If you drag the default shader onto your model (it gets grey) and enable VertexColor rendering (via hotbox or preferences) you can see the color as you paint a different color than white (for no color = white all over).

You might transfer your texture to per vertex color by running MakeSolid (set Automatic in ColorTransferMode) . The higher SolidAccuracy and MeshDensity settings the better the color should look.
Unfortunately there's no way in MM to transfer per vertex color back to a texture image.
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