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Crash on file export
« on: March 23, 2017, 07:55:42 AM »
Every time I try to save a file with mm.save_mix or mm.export_mesh or AppendSceneCommand_ExportMeshFile_CurrentSelection script crashes with "Python.exe stopped working" message.
If I set Desktop folder as file location it successfully exports a file but crashes right after that. from python\examples crashes after it opens sphere.mix without saving anything.
Python's open("testfile.txt","w") works perfectly.
Tested on 3 different PCs with Win7 and Win8.1

Is there anything else I could check to troubleshoot this issue?

Latest mm-api from guthub
MeshMixer 3.0 64-bit
Python 2.17.13
Windows 7/8.1

It works fine with beta branch.
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