Author Topic: Orthodontic models to fabricate a retainer  (Read 1025 times)


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Orthodontic models to fabricate a retainer
« on: November 10, 2016, 10:01:10 AM »
Hello Group!  I am new to the 3D world and looking for some help.  I am wanting to take a 3d scan of a patients mouth that is an STL file, be able to trim the base and unnecessary areas that were scanned, be able to hollow it so that it uses less resin when printed, emboss their initials on the model to be able to differentiate, and then print in my FormLabs2 printer.  Any advice on workflow? (as in, which program to use first: windows 3D builder then meshmixer?) any tips on what I need to click on the be able to hollow the model but still keep the outer layer?  it seems like when I hollow it on meshmixer, the only opaque remaining area is the base.  Thanks!