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meshmixer 2.7
« on: November 26, 2014, 11:53:36 AM »
It's that time again...time to install a new version! We have a few new tools and a lot of small improvements, including some long-standing forum requests:

- new Layout/Packing Tool under Analysis for 3D print bed layout
- new Deviation Tool for visualizing max distance between two objects (ie original & reduced version)
- new Clearance Tool for visualizing min distance between two objects (ie to verify tolerances)
    - under Analysis menu, requires selection of two objects)
- Reduce Tool now supports reducing to triangle count, (approximate) maximum deviation
- Support Generation improvements
    - better DLP/SLA preset
    - can now draw horizontal bars in support generator
   - ctrl-click now deletes all support segments above click point
   - shift-ctrl-click to only delete clicked segment
- Solid Part dropping now has built-in option to boolean add/subtract
    - can set operation-type preference during Convert To Solid Part
   - can set option to preserve physical dimensions during Convert To Solid Part
- new Snapping options in Measure tool
- can now turn on Print Bed rendering in Modeling view (under View menu)
    - must enter Print View to change/configure printer
- improved support for low-end graphics cards

- new hotkey 'u' for Units tool
- orthographic camera mode (under View menu)
- no-colors mode, in Preferences dialog
- can now toggle Target transparency (under View menu)
- added recent/palette widgets to brush color picker in Windows
- Can now "pick" color under vol/surf brush, with 'p' hotkey
- Generate Face Groups now clusters tiny groups
- many, many bug fixes

get it:
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